The Data Thrust brings together complementary expertise essential for ASPIRE’s data science research needs, including multi-modal data fusion and big data, network systems optimization, theory and applications of machine learning, cyber-physical systems security, embedded and real-time systems, mobile and social computing, and computer-based decision support systems.  The Data team has extensive interdisciplinary research experience spanning multiple domains.

The Data Thrust serves as a central convergent resource where diverse data sets and modeling / optimization problems regarding electrified transportation can be effectively integrated and analyzed as systems of systems for scientific discovery and real-world adoption.

The thrust connects data science research with other research thrusts and application domains spanning battery systems, electric vehicles, transportation infrastructure and systems, charging infrastructure, power grid integration, and adoption and equity across a wide range of stakeholders and sectors.

Effective and efficient full-stack data analytics for electrified transportation is fundamental to the ASPIRE ERC but is challenging due to the volume, variety, velocity, and veracity of relevant data. Given the diversity, complexity, and multiscale dynamics of the TAPED challenges, direct application of generic data science solutions is inadequate, and various data science innovations are needed to address the specific usage scenarios and challenges of electrified transportation.  Close collaboration across ASPIRE’s TAPED Thrusts is essential for success.