Charging Stations


To address the long-term societal needs for the charging station infrastructure, the long-term objectives of the project include:

  1. Developing a low-cost and reliable charging station infrastructure to provide enough charge (80% of battery capacity) to all EV classes from light-duty to heavy-duty within a 10 minutes timeframe.
  2. Educating and training the next-generation engineering workforce to adapt to the emerging workforce needs arising from the widespread growth of charging station infrastructure in the future.
  3. Ensuring equity in the application, deployment, and access to charging stations among underrepresented and minority groups in diverse communities.

The goal of this project is to address the convergent fundamental research required for developing the CSoF, including both the “gas station” and parking lot scenarios, to enable the low-cost, safe, reliable, accessible, and equitable stationary charging infrastructure necessary for the widespread adoption of all EV classes.

A team of multidisciplinary researchers from power, data, transportation, and adoption thrusts has been assembled to address the research needs in terms of CSoF technology advancements, construction and cost analysis, operation and management, next-generation engineering workforce development (EWD), and equity.


  1. Enabling Battery Technology
  2. Technology Advancement for Stationary Charging
  3. Construction and Cost Analysis
  4. Operation and Management