Director’s Message

Dr. Regan A. Zane
David G. and Diann L. Sant Endowed Professor
Center Director

Our nation is at a crossroads in time. We are at the forefront of an unprecedented opportunity to change our nation’s course in sustainability with skyrocketing interest in electric vehicles. At the same time, our aging grid and deteriorating roads across the nation are in desperate need of trillions of dollars in upgrades. Now is the time to move past century-old mindsets and rethink how city and highway transportation and electric grid infrastructure can be co-designed to support low cost and equitable solutions to widespread vehicle electrification and decarbonization of the electric grid. We envision a seamless and ubiquitous charging experience for electric vehicle owners through comprehensive networks of interoperable solutions to public charging infrastructure, covering scenarios from urban living to rural America, from personal vehicles to autonomous fleets and long-haul freight. We are taking a systems-of-systems approach to co-optimize transportation and electric utility systems and end-user experience and productivity. We have a phenomenal team committed to deep integration across disciplines, including engineering, social science, policy and business, and active engagement with industry, government, and community partners. We intend to have a lasting positive impact on our students, our communities, and our nation. We invite you to join us at this exciting time as we rethink and rebuild our nation’s critical infrastructure to support a brighter, electric future in transportation!