Examining the barriers to electric truck adoption as a system: A Grey-DEMATEL approach


Although the electrification of trucks can offer overall operation cost reduction and contribute to the decarbonization of transport, electric vehicles in the commercial sector are not widely adopted. Existing studies explore the barriers to truck electrification using qualitative or descriptive analysis. This study proposes that the barriers to electric truck (ET) adoption should be further studied as a system and examines their ranking and interrelationships to enhance policy decision making. Based on a literature review and feedback from experts, ten barrier groups were identified. Data was obtained from a stated preference survey that was distributed online to 74 truck fleet managers/owners in the United States (U.S.). A multicriteria decision-making approach was used that combines the decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory method (DEMATEL) with grey system theory. Additionally, a subgroup analysis was conducted to explore potential differences for ET adopters and non-ET adopters. Among other findings, the results indicate that the business model and partnerships, product availability, and charging time constitute the top cause factors. Addressing these barriers would also lead to or help address the most prominent barriers regarding operational reliability, grid resiliency, and customer acceptance and expectations. The subgroup analysis showed that ET adopters and non-adopters may not be viewed as one homogenous group, since differences were found in the ranking and interrelationships of barriers to ET adoption between these two groups. This study improves the theoretical rational for the barriers and can assist policymakers or other major stakeholders to frame and prioritize strategies for accelerating ET adoption.

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Systems of Systems
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  • Theodora Konstantinou
  • Konstantina Gkritza
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Peer-reviewed technical journal
Electric vehicles; Trucks; Barriers; Decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL); Grey system theory; Stated preference survey