Publication Authors

Diala Haddad

Paloma Arellano

Daniel Bernicke

Miguel Castilho

Bryson Gilley

Zach Lagpacan

Chris Maxey

Artur Pilaszewicz

Will Young

Dionysios Aliprantis

Economic Feasibility of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Lanes in Indiana Freight Corridors

The technology of dynamic wireless power transfer (DWPT), also known as dynamic wireless charging, is key for eliminating range anxiety and lowering battery costs, and can thus further stimulate the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce emissions from the transportation sector. However, the deployment of high-power DWPT lanes capable of powering heavy-duty freight trucks can be costly and resource-intensive. In this paper, the economic feasibility of DWPT is evaluated for major highways in the state of Indiana using a levelized cost metric. The results show that deployment of DWPT technology can be economically attractive for the developer/roadway operator as well as for heavy-duty freight fleet owners.