Magnetic design for three-phase dynamic wireless power transfer with constant output power


This paper details the design of a three-phase transmitter-receiver topology for use in a dynamic wireless power transfer (DWPT) system for heavy-duty electric vehicles. The proposed approach eliminates the power oscillation and volt- age/current sharing problems that plague planar three-phase DWPT systems. Multi-objective optimization is employed to maxi- mize magnetic coupling and minimize undesired positive–negative sequence coupling. Selected designs are simulated for a 200-kW/m DWPT system, verifying the elimination of power oscillation and phase imbalance with minimal impact on magnetic performance. A prototype DWPT system is designed, and low-ripple power output is demonstrated at 52-kW operation.

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Electrified Roadways
Publication Authors:
  • Aaron Brovont
  • Steve Pekarek
  • Connor Vickers
  • Vatan Mehar
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Peer-reviewed technical journal

1st Place Best Contribution Award in 2023 IEEE Wireless Power Technology Conference and Expo (WPTCE), San Diego, CA, June 4–8, 2023

Circuit optimization, electromagnetic induction, road vehicle power systems, system analysis and design