Magnetic Design for Three-Phase Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer With Constant Output Power


This paper details the design of a three-phase transmitter-receiver topology for use in a dynamic wireless power
transfer (DWPT) system for heavy-duty electric vehicles. The proposed approach eliminates the power oscillation and voltage/current sharing problems that plague planar three-phase DWPT systems. Multi-objective optimization is employed to maximize magnetic coupling and minimize undesired positive–negative sequence coupling. Selected designs are simulated for a 200-kW/m DWPT system, verifying the elimination of power oscillation and phase imbalance with minimal impact on magnetic performance. A prototype DWPT system is designed, and low-ripple power output is demonstrated at 52-kW operation.

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Electrified Roadways
Publication Authors:
  • Aaron Brovont
  • Dionysios Aliprantis
  • Steven Pekarek
  • Connor Vickers
  • Vatan Mehar
It appeared in:
Peer-reviewed technical journal
Circuit Optimization, electromagnetic induction, road vehicle power systems, system analysis and design