Full-Scale Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer and Pilot Project Implementation


Considering the challenges hindering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and heavy-duty electric vehicles (HDEVs), the integration of dynamic wireless power transfer (DWPT) technology into roadways has gained interest. By embedding DWPT components into a pavement, electrical power can be delivered to an EV or HDEV as they are in motion. Yet, large-scale implementation depends on further in-depth research, both to explore optimal construction methods and to understand the impact of embedment on the pavement’s resultant behavior. The objective of this project was trifold: i) design and evaluate a transmitter-receiver topology for DWPT, ii) enhance the understanding of the interaction between pavement and the embedded DWPT system, and iii) support the design and installation of a 230 kW DWPT system pilot for HDEVs on an existing INDOT roadway. A three-phase transmitter-receiver topology for DWPT was developed and validated, enabling the transmission of power across a wide range of vehicle classes while reducing the power oscillation that has been encountered in existing single-phase designs. To empirically evaluate the impact of DWPT in pavement, two pavement sections, one flexible and one rigid, were designed and constructed at an Accelerated Pavement Test (APT) facility. Following validation of the DWPT design through structural, thermal, and electromagnetic testing, Purdue University developed plans to establish a Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Testbed (DWPTT) along ¼-mile of US-231 near West Lafayette. This testbed will serve as a critical platform for the transition of DWPT technology from APT sections to a practical roadway environment.

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Electrified Roadways
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  • Oscar Moncada
  • Zainab Imran
  • Connor Vickers
  • Konstantina Gkritza
  • Steve Pekarek
  • Dionysios Aliprantis
  • Aaron Brovont
  • Behnam Jahangiri
  • John Haddock
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Peer-reviewed technical journal
dynamic wireless power transfer, three-phase dwpt, pavement structure, pavement performance, electric vehicles