Demographic-Based Public Perception Analysis of Electric Vehicles on Online Social Networks


Electric vehicles have gained significant popularity in the market, with sales increasing yearly. The introduction of new policies and reforms aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, coupled with the release of more advanced electric vehicles with higher driving ranges and technical specifications, has encouraged more people to consider switching to electric vehicles. However, there is still a lack of understanding of public perception and the factors influencing the decision to switch to electric vehicles, especially among people from different demographic groups. In this study, we leverage machine learning techniques to analyze public opinion about electric vehicles across different demographic groups on two online social networks (OSNs), namely Reddit and Twitter. Our analyses provide valuable insights into how users on these platforms perceive electric vehicles and the factors that influence their perception. This information can be used to inform market strategies and future policies aimed at promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.

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Systems of Systems
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  • Tavishi Priyam
  • Tao Ruan
  • Qin Lv
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Peer-reviewed technical journal
social networks; demographics; electric vehicles; public perception; case study