Hardware Considerations of an Inductive Power Transfer Pad For Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Charging


Inductive power transfer technology is becoming popular for electric vehicle charging mainly for light-duty electric vehicles. However, heavy-duty electric vehicles represent a significant portion of the transportation sector. The nature of such vehicles inherently presents a stress on the magnetic components of the IPT converter due to the large air gaps between the ground and vehicle pads. The realization of the ferrite tiled layer is investigated by the means of finite element method simulations. The winding layer of parallel turn configuration is studied to enable current balancing between the parallel wires of the winding. A winding circuit model for a double-sided bi-filar coupled inductor is derived to solve the resonant tank. A 125 kW power test is shown using the analysis presented.

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Charging Stations
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  • Reebal Nimri
  • Mahmoud Mansour
  • Bryce Hesterman
  • Regan Zane
  • Chakridhar Reddy Teeneti
  • Abhilash Kamineni
  • Hongjie Wang
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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings
inductive power transfer , ferrite , litz , magnetic design