Assessment of Static Load Strains in a Flexible Pavement with Embedded Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) Components


Pavement-integrated dynamic wireless power transfer (DWPT) can deliver electrical power to electric vehicles (EVs) as they transverse the roadway. However, a thorough investigation is needed to assess the mechanical behavior of pavement structures containing DWPT components. For the work reported herein, a flexible pavement with embedded DWPT components was constructed in an accelerated pavement test (APT) facility to investigate the influence of the embedded unit on the pavement mechanical response. Strain gauges were installed at selected locations around the DWPT unit and pavement responses were measured under static loading, to assess the influence of the integrated DWPT unit and the position and alignment of the load. The results show the influence of the DWPT unit’s higher stiffness, as well as the load placement position on the pavement’s strain distribution. The increased stiffness of the DWPT unit correlates with reduced strain levels.

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Electrified Roadways
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  • Oscar Moncada
  • Pablo Orosa Iglesias
  • John Haddock
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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings
Dynamic wireless power transfer, Accelerated pavement testing, Pavement condition, Pavement management system