Analysis and Mitigation of Sector Transition Distortions for Unfolding-based Grid-tied AC-DC Converters


In this paper, a comprehensive analysis is performed
of ac input current distortion in 3-ϕ unfolding-based ac-dc
converters. The source of current distortion, which occurs at
the mains voltage sector boundaries, is studied. An equivalent
circuit model is presented to describe the problem and estimate
the correlation between the magnitude of current distortion and
system parameters. A control-based technique is proposed to
realize power factor correction (PFC) and output power control
while mitigating grid current distortion by emulating appropriate
current sources/sinks. Simulation results are provided to illustrate
the control approach, followed by experimental results on a
21 kW hardware prototype. A significant improvement in the
grid current total harmonic distortion (THD) from 4.46% to
1.94% is achieved.

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Publication Authors:
  • Aditya Zade
  • Chakridhar Reddy Teeneti
  • Shubhangi Gurudiwan
  • Sanat Poddar
  • Mahmoud Mansour
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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings
Unfolder, T-type converter, battery charger, acdc conversion, grid-tied converter, current distortion, current emulation.