A New Online Continuous Stability Monitoring Method for DC Microgrids


As the penetration rate of renewable energy and electric vehicle keeps increasing, dc microgrids incorporating renewable energy, battery energy storage, and dc loads such as EV chargers and electric buildings are attracting more atten- tion for their effectiveness of integrating zero carbon emission elements and reducing system costs. One key challenge in dc microgrids is the small-signal stability analysis and associated system design and operation. This paper proposes a new online continuous small-signal stability monitoring method to address the challenge without adding hardware or interrupting the system operation. The proposed method evaluates stability continuously by measuring the crossover frequency and phase margin of the system impedance minor loop gain. Detailed system modeling and analysis and design of the stability monitoring method are presented in this paper. Experimental results for a scaled-down system with three 2 kW power converters operating at 100 kHz are provided to validate the proposed method and demonstrate the effectiveness in monitoring the system stability margins under different conditions.

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Charging Stations
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  • Hongjie Wang
  • Regan Zane
  • Rohail Hassan
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Peer-reviewed technical journal

A New Online Continuous Stability Monitoring Method for DC Microgrids.

impedance , stability , dc microgrids , monitoring , online , continuous , electric vehicle , renewable energy