A Control-Oriented Reduced-Order Model for Lithium-Metal Batteries


Lithium-metal batteries (LMB) are attractive for energy-storage applications because of their high specific energy and energy density. Unlike lithium-ion batteries (LIB), LMB have metallic lithium anodes which introduce complications to modeling their long-term behavior. In particular, a dead-lithium layer grows over time, and this must be described in any battery-management-system (BMS) model to enable producing good long-term estimates of state-of-charge, state-of-health, and power limits. This letter shows how to convert an LMB PDE model from the literature into a reduced-order control-oriented format suitable for implementation in BMS algorithms.

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Charging Stations
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  • Aloisio Kawakita de Souza
  • Wesley Hileman
  • Michael Trimboli
  • Gregory Plett
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Peer-reviewed technical journal
Battery models