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Join us to shape the future of electrified transportation in the State of Utah and across the nation!

See our Career’s page for 6 new full-time staff positions to be filled by early December.

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Seamless integration of wireless and wired charging systems across all vehicle classes with power levels to achieve ubiquity.

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With an accelerated transition of technologies to the marketplace, partners and participants are included in the innovation process.

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Eliminating vehicle emissions through electrified transportation will directly improve public health and the environment. Learn More


Rebuilding the aging infrastructure by co-designing electric utilities and roadways will produce sustainable, low-cost transportation and high-quality jobs. Learn More


Developing a public charging infrastructure will promote equitable access to clean transportation and career advancement opportunities for everyone. Learn More


From trades to pre-college and up, developing curriculums to meet rapid domestic jobs growth for national-scale electric and transportation infrastructure projects.

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More than an obligation, inclusivity at all levels of decision-making improves performance. Adaptability is a by product of diversity.

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Focuses on vehicle network and transportation systems modeling and integration of wireless and wired charging. Learn More


Targets technical and societal aspects that impact market adoption of disruptive and transformative technologies. Learn More


Addresses advancements required for extreme fast charging and wireless power transfer. Learn More


Undertakes equitable realization of EVs in society. Learn More


Centers on convergence of diverse data sets and optimization problems for integration and analysis for scientific discovery. Learn More