February ’24 ASPIRE Student Update

Hello ASPIRE Students!

Welcome to our ASPIRE student newsletter. In this section we will highlight students and their research, discuss events and student news, and provide a place for students to have a voice for the center.

Student Event Highlights

This past quarter we’ve had wonderful success with our student events.

December 4th through 6th we had our ASPIRE Mental Health Week, comprising multiple workshops presented by professionals at USU and UTEP on self-help, money management, and positive workplace environments. If you missed those workshops and would like to watch them, you can find recorded lectures of those workshops here: https://usu.app.box.com/folder/244772027755

We also had our Share your joy campaign where we learned how students around ASPIRE experience joy and cope with stress. You can see all of the submissions from this campaign on our various social media pages:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aspireercsa/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aspireercsa/

Student Talent Showcase

Most recently we had our quarterly Student Talent Showcase. This showcase featured Emma Rieves from CU Boulder. She presented about the health benefits related to vehicle electrification including quantifying tailpipe emissions and air quality impacts from EVs. You can view our most recent tech talks on the ASPIRE website:

Student Talent Profile

The ASPIRE Student Talent Profile is almost public! If you have not created an account or updated your profile on the website please do so! You can create a profile here:

The profile is used to market our student talent to our industry and innovation members to help connect students with future employers. This profile is also used for our annual NSF reporting, so it is important that every ASPIRE student has a profile and keeps it updated.

We recently got our new ASPIRE t-shirts. Talk to your campus SLC representatives to get one! A requirement to get a t-shirt is to have a profile filled out on the website, so be sure to make or update your profile!


ASPIRE has over 60 Industry and Innovation partners, many of which are interested in the student talent at ASPIRE and are looking to hire ASPIRE students for jobs and internships. You can find a list of some available internships from ASPIRE IIB members on the ASPIRE website:

Please fill out this 5-minute survey to help us better understand the ASPIRE student perspective on internships:


Student Leadership Council Highlights

This last quarter we said goodbye to Sam as he graduated and now has a full-time job! We also said goodbye to Arahim as he is moving on from the SLC. We want to give a welcome to Bruno, the newest member of the SLC! We also want to welcome Sevda and Abdullah who joined the SLC within these last six months. We are grateful for all of our ASPIRE students and the contributions you make to the ASPIRE center.

Sevda Zeinal Kheiri

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at University of Utah

Fun Fact: Doing yoga, swimming, and playing tennis cheers her up.

Abdullah Zubair

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech

Fun Fact: He loves traveling and enjoys road trips.

Bruno Cesar Krause Moras

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Purdue University

Fun Fact: Since 2009 he has scored 2734 goals in soccer.

Samuel Fang

Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University

Fun Fact: He fenced for the Purdue Fencing Club.

Arahim Zuniga

PhD in Civil Engineering at University of Texas El Paso

Fun Fact: Favorite movie director is Wes Anderson