Data-driven Scientific Discovery and Ubiquitous Computing: Systems, Algorithms, and Applications for Electric Transportation

Qin “Christine” Lv, University of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Christine Lv, Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Colorado Boulder discussed living in a digitized world where the explosive growth of big and multi-modal data has brought about fundamental changes to traditional scientific research. At the same time, more and more human-centric data has been generated and broadly utilized in many application domains. Effective and efficient data analytics has become increasingly important. Dr. Lv gave a snapshot of work done in the areas of data-driven scientific discovery and ubiquitous computing, including mobile environmental sensing, fine-grained air pollution analysis for environmentally sustainable communities; remote sensing data management and time series analysis, condensate database for anomaly detection and quality assurance; transportation electrification and solar/wind farm data analysis; as well as user-oriented behavior analysis and information services.

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