Colorado’s Clean Trucking Strategy: Electrification and complementary strategies to reach zero emissions

Mike King, Colorado Department of Transportation

In July 2020, Colorado joined 14 other states and District of Columbia in signing an MOU to collaboratively advance the market for electric trucks and buses across the member states to a 30% market share by 2030 and a 100% market share by 2050. Concurrently, Colorado has partnered with the Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA) and numerous other stakeholders to develop a Clean Trucking Strategy for the state that will support the GHG emission reduction goals identified by HB19-1261: a 26% reduction by 2025, 50% reduction by 2030, and 90% reduction by 2050 (all from a 2005 baseline). Michael King, Colorado Department of Transportation’s Assistant Director of Electrification and Energy, discussed how the Clean Trucking Strategy will identify the programs, policies, and incentives necessary to make the transition to zero-emission freight and delivery vehicles possible in Colorado.

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