AECOM’s EV-Readi tool for transportation modeling

AECOM ASPIRE partners: Denise Casalino, Executive Vice President, Chief Growth Officer West Region; William Haas, Vice President, Energy Strategy & Growth; Dana Al-Qadi, Strategy Lead, Decarbonization and Electrification

The growing shift to EVs requires significant expansion of EV charging infrastructure as well as a fundamental understanding of expected EV adoption rates within the United States. To support such work, AEECOM developed, EV-Readi, a proprietary modeling tool to support transportation electrification related efforts for utilities, cities, transit agencies, and others seeking to understand and quantify the impact of increased electrification on their infrastructure investments, planning, capital projects, and operations. Inputs include various modules focused on early EV adopter characteristics, mobility access, EV equity, and land use to provide a comprehensive and customizable analysis that meets localized needs and priorities. ASPIRE’s AECOM colleagues presented on the unique and critical requirements for effective transportation electrification planning through innovative data application and modeling and how it can be used to support broad-based community electrification.

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