Power Electronics for Electrified Transportation

Course Status Ongoing Course with ERC Content
Campus University of Colorado Boulder
Course Level Graduate
Course ID ECEN 5607
Course Title Power Electronics for Electrified Transportation
Engineered Systems Focus? Yes
Multidisciplinary Content? No
Team Taught? No
Which project does this pertain to? Charging Stations
Used at more than 1 ERC institutuion? No
Instructors Dragan Maksimovic
ASPIRE Content

Electric vehicle system architectures and dynamics (HEV, PHEV, EV), vehicle dynamics, closed-loop regulation of vehicle speed, vehicle modeling and simulations over drive cycles using MATLAB/Simulink, rating and sizing of drivetrain components, battery systems, battery management electronics, bidirectional dc-dc converters, inverters and ac motor drives, chargers and charging infrastructure, overview of ASPIRE research, extra-credit individual student projects

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The course Power Electronics for Electrified Transportation is continuously updated based on advances in ASPIRE research projects including Charging Station of the Future and Pavement Integrated Wireless Charging. Extra-credit student projects additionally include aspects of Smart and Secure Charging, and Systems of Systems.

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Enrollment: 40 MS and PhD students