February ’24 Industry and Innovation Board (IIB) Highlights

The IIB had a great last quarter. Our membership grew thanks to the addition of 4 new members after the annual meeting, some of our most recent pilots saw great breakthroughs, and we also had the chance to collaborate with an international delegation thanks to UDOT.

Member Highlight:

Our member Electreon is now making waves on the streets of Detroit. They have installed the first “Electrified Roadway” in the us! Their innovative wireless charging not only enhances accessibility but also underscores its commitment to advancing the EV landscape.

In particular, it’s noteworthy that our member Ford Motor Company is at the forefront of adopting this technology, with their development of the Ford E-Transit, the one vehicle that can use it today!

A special shoutout to our member AECOM for their valuable contributions to this transformative project.

Here are some other highlights:

New Member: NCTCOG

New Member: IAPA

New Member: InductEV

New Member: HNTB

New Member: Southwire

New Member: MAPA

New Member: Illinois Asphalt Pavement

Pilots: Electreon’s 14th Street Road

International: Visit from Japanese Delegation