IGIC Emerging Professional Research Competition 2024

Event Type Seminar, Colloquia, Invited Talk, Conference
Is this event (co-)sponsored by ASPIRE? No
Is this event innovation focused? No
Event Name IGIC Emerging Professional Research Competition
Event Location Michigan City, IN
Event Start Date 05/16/2024
Event End Date 05/16/2024
Number of Attendees 100
Number of Student Attendees 4
Number of Teacher/Faculty Attendees 10
Which project does this pertain to? Systems of Systems
Presentation Title or Topic Temperature as a Key Predictor of Electric Vehicle Adoption: Insights from a Multi-State Analysis in the United States
Presenters gcervini@purdue.edu

Electric vehicle (EV) users living in colder or warmer climates experience shorter traveling ranges, slower acceleration, and longer recharge times, which might discourage the adoption of EVs. Using data from California, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington, we conduct a study in the United States (US) to explore the relationship between temperature and EV adoption. We collect land surface and air temperature data at the ZIP code level in addition to sociodemographic, charging infrastructure, land cover, elevation, and electoral data. We then use random forest machine learning to predict battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicle population change rate and penetration. Our findings reveal that temperature is among the most important predictors of BEV and PHEV population change rate and penetration. Understanding the interplay between temperatures and EV adoption is crucial to assess the feasibility of adopting EVs in different climatic regions and ensure equitable access to this technology. This study highlights the importance of considering environmental factors in designing geotargeted interventions to promote EV adoption and sustainable transportation options.

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