CED PPHS Englewood ASPIRE Meet and Greet Presentations

Event Type Educational Outreach Events For K-12
Is this event (co-)sponsored by ASPIRE? Yes
Is this event innovation focused? No
Event Name CED PPHS Englewood ASPIRE Meet & Greets
Event Location Virtual presentation
Event Start Date 11/27/2023
Event End Date 11/27/2023
Number of Attendees 52
Number of Student Attendees 50
Number of Teacher/Faculty Attendees 2
Which project does this pertain to? Learning and Engagement
Presentation Title or Topic 2 classes at Purdue Polytechnic HS Englewood. ASPIRE students shared about EVR Project 1 and Project 2 research and their journey from high to school to their current university studies and research work.
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Additional Information

The general format for the ASPIRE Researcher Meet & Greets includes:

  • An informal 15 to 20-minute slide presentation for ASPIRE students to share their journey from pre-college schooling to college, and unique exciting points about their ASPIRE research in the context of pre-college STEM concepts using analogies that high school students (ages 14-18) can relate to. 
  • The slide presentation is followed by a 30 to 35-minute open-ended Q&A session to learn more about the presenters, their experiences and advice on pursuing STEM in higher education, discuss post-secondary engineering career options, etc. 
  • Teachers may have students think about questions beforehand, but usually, the discussion evolves organically based on the high schoolers’ questions.

Teachers should show the short ASPIRE video beforehand as an introduction so their students have an idea about the center’s research focus, etc.