ASPIRE Tech Talk: Measuring ASPIRE’s Unique impact via Baseline Metrics – Looking towards 2050

Event Type Workshops, Short Courses, and Webinars
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Event Name TechTalk
Event Location Zoom/Online
Event Start Date 08/17/2022
Event End Date 08/17/2022
Number of Attendees 65
Number of Student Attendees 20
Number of Teacher/Faculty Attendees 45
Which project does this pertain to? Not sure
Presentation Title or Topic Measuring ASPIRE’s Unique impact via Baseline Metrics – Looking towards 2050
Presenters Alayna Hall

Alayna will share the 2020 baseline metrics being used to track progress towards 2050 goals, the process of gathering the control data, and how ASPIRE projects are poised to have unique impacts on these objectives. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas on data sources, milestones, personal impact relative to their own roles, and discuss the challenges and solutions for determining what changes can be attributed specifically to ASPIRE.

Zach will discuss the role of federal and state policy on meeting ASPIRE 2050 goals — recent policies have provided significant boosts to transportation electrification, but much more work is still needed to achieve future workforce, electrification, and climate goals. This discussion will examine the catalysts provided current policies and programs as well as current barriers and inaction in today’s policy environment.

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