ASPIRE Open House

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Is this event (co-)sponsored by ASPIRE? Yes
Is this event innovation focused? Yes
Event Name ASPIRE Open house
Event Location USU EVR & Building 620 Innovation
Event Start Date 05/18/2023
Event End Date 05/18/2023
Number of Attendees 320
Number of Student Attendees 50
Number of Teacher/Faculty Attendees 20
Which project does this pertain to? Not associated with a project
Presentation Title or Topic NA

The purpose of this event is to actively engage the community and key partners through a dynamic technology showcase, aiming to raise widespread awareness and knowledge regarding Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Road Electrification. By bringing together various stakeholders, the event seeks to foster an interactive platform that promotes dialogue, learning, and collaboration, ultimately driving the adoption and understanding of EVs and the electrification of transportation infrastructure.

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