Niari Saeid Tizpaz

Niari Saeid Tizpaz

Computer Science

University of Texas El Paso

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Saeid Tizpaz-Niari is an Assistant Professor of CS at UT El Paso. His research interests are at the intersection of Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Verification. He is the first author of multiple publications in top tier Security, AI, Verification, and Software Engineering conferences. He develops tools and techniques to address confidentiality/privacy leaks, denial-of-service issues, and adversarial-example attacks. His findings help discover multiple performance bugs in popular ML libraries such as scikit-learn and timing side-channel vulnerabilities in critical Java libraries such as OpenJDK and Apache. In 2018, he received the Gold Research Award from the ECEE department at CU Boulder. In addition, he won second prize for his submission to the First Microsoft Open Source Challenge.