Konstantina “Nadia” Gkritza

Konstantina “Nadia” Gkritza

Purdue Campus Director, Adoption Lead

Purdue University

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My research brings together disciplines of engineering, social sciences and statistics/econometrics for advancing the understanding of the triple bottom line (economic, environmental, and social) for sustainable transportation systems. I lead the Sustainable Transportation Systems Research Group that ultimately aspires to achieve green, safe, efficient, and equitable transportation systems by studying and modeling transportation externalities (i.e., congestion, crashes, emissions, energy use, and social inequity) using state-of-the-art statistical, econometric, and economic analysis tools. The group’s research thrust revolves around assessing the direct and indirect impacts of transportation innovations and technologies (such as transportation electrification and connected and automated vehicles) and developing empirical models and practical tools for use in transportation decision-making. I focus not only on transformational research, but also on the implementation of the outcomes of research and on engaging students in these processes. I have translated my discoveries into social benefits through engagement with the regulatory agencies that have a significant impact on transportation systems’ efficiency, safety, and investment. I am an Associate Editor of two journals: the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering in the area of transportation planning, modeling and economics; and International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology in the area of energy and climate change. I am a member of the of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committees on Freight Transportation & Regulation, and Agriculture & Transportation. I also served as the co-Chair of the TRB Committee on Transportation and Economic Development (2014-2020). My awards include Purdue University’s College of Engineering Faculty of Excellence in Leadership Award, the Jane F. Garvey/UMass Institute of Transportation Engineers Transportation Leadership award, a Greek Diaspora Fellowship by the Institute of International Education, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and Fulbright Foundation in Greece, among others. I teach courses on transportation engineering, economic analysis of transportation investments, public transportation systems, and transportation data analysis. To date, I have advised and mentored 6 doctoral and 21 masters students (including 10 females) from diverse backgrounds (engineering, planning, economics) and 28 undergraduate students (40% females). I am currently mentoring 3 doctoral, 4 masters students, and 2 undergraduate students (60% females). I hold a Diploma in CE from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, an M.S.C.E. from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a Ph.D. in CE from Purdue University.