Center Project Pitches & Invitation to Action

Hongjie Wang (USU) & Scott Trimboli (UCCS);  Electric Roads: Khurram Afridi (Cornell) & Marv Halling (USU); City and Inter-City Scale Systems: Yuanrui Sang (UTEP) & Jason Quinn (CSU); Learning And Engagement: Carolyn Campbell (USU) & Jennifer Ramos Chavez (UTEP)

In a fast-paced and dynamic manner, the ASPIRE Center Project Leads will provide a preview of plans for Year 4 Project Proposals and “pitch” their individual projects to the TechTalk Participants with an invitation to action and collaboration. Project 1: Charging Stations of the Future, Project 2: Electric Roads, Project 3: City and Inter-City Scale Systems,  and Project 4: Learning And Engagement