Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE)

University of Colorado Boulder
Utah State University
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The vision and goals of ASPIRE are achieved through a comprehensive research plan and deep integration across four convergent research thrusts: Transportation, Adoption, Power, and Data.

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ASPIRE will prepare the next generation of professionals. Our diverse team of faculty, researchers, and industry mentors are creating effective pre-college pathways and providing a world-class education and training experience for students.

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Achieving our mission depends directly on our ability to create new lines of thinking and societal change across diverse disciplines, industries, and community demographics. As we envision a new, brighter future, the ASPIRE team is committed to including and embracing perspectives from all aspects of society and creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

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ASPIRE builds on a legacy of industry and government collaboration. Nearly 50 industry and innovation partners have joined our ranks, establishing one of the most forward-looking consortiums of professionals and experts who are committed to advancing equitable transformation in the transportation and electric utility industries.

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Our growing demand to move people and goods has a negative side: vehicle emissions affect public health and the environment. ASPIRE researchers and innovators are developing solutions that support widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Sustainable, electrified transportation options will improve health and quality of life for everyone.

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Fluctuating oil prices impact household budgets and economic stability. At the same time, our aging infrastructure needs extensive renovation. By co-designing our aging electric utilities and roadway infrastructure, we can develop a sustainable, electrified transportation system that lowers costs for all users and catalyzes significant domestic job growth.

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The current electric vehicle ownership model can disproportionality benefit the upper to middle class. ASPIRE targets a new model with emphasis on public charging infrastructure that supports low-cost electric vehicles and small businesses. Improving equitable access to clean transportation solutions and career advancement opportunities benefits everyone.

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At the heart of ASPIRE is a commitment to community. Our international family of engineers, data scientists, business and social science researchers, industry and government leaders, and students create a comprehensive ecosystem with active engagement across our communities and nations.